Summertime smile…. I must confess, I am a coffee chugging, tea drinking and wine lover. Every morning before I even contemplate enjoying my day, I have to have my daily cup of Joe. And every time I have desert, coffee is a must… you should try it! One day, I got this wild idea to lessen my coffee intake; I quit cold turkey and dove right into drinking tea. Let’s have the argument, tea cannot replace espresso, I found this out the hard way! However on the plus side, I love tea now- ginger tea is yum! Last but definitely not the least wine, you know I cannot live without this. 

Because I drink lots of beverages that stain my teeth, I needed to make sure my dental hygiene was on point. Regular dental cleanings are a must, there is just no way around this. Then of course keeping your pearly whites, white! I get a lot of questions about what I do to keep my teeth looking bright, the basic first step is brushing my teeth twice a day and flossing. I was the kid that would get in trouble because I thought it was a waste of time. My dad would be proud to find out now that I rarely forget to brush my teeth twice a day! Pretty simple right?! And because I have picked up quite the coffee habit, I started having thoughts of improving my routine.

teeth whitening

looked up everything about teeth whitening; home remedies seem to always pop up everywhere. I am all for trying new or natural ways to do things. Enamel is important and I wasn’t trying to damage that, so I tried the natural remedies for a bit: charcoal, baking soda…. I almost did the lemon remedy but I decided against that cause of its acidity. I gave up after a few tries and continued my regular routine, out of nowhere, Smile Brilliant reached out to me to try out whitening trays. When I thinking of whitening trays, several things come to mind: 1. Enamel 2. Sensitivity 3. Longevity 4. It’s a Fad 5. That infamous teeth-whitening episode on Friends!

You remember when Ross got his teeth whitened and he glowed in the dark?! I know how absurd it sounds but it came to my mind that it could happen to me! As I was “researching” I found that that some of my concerns were valid while some were myths, here’s what I learned…

First thing I was worried about was enamel, since enamel is the hardest and most highly mineralized substance in your body, I was nervous if I could not only damage it and would I get my desired results? Because some of us might have naturally darker enamel, we might will not get the same results. As it pertains to damaging your enamel, I read that contrary to the widely spread belief, dentin not enamel is what makes up our overall tooth shade and it’s what the whitening  gel targets. See, I used professional words, haha! Simply put it won’t damage your enamel however, you can become sensitive.

This brings me to my next question? How sensitive will my teeth become? I’ve seen my friends right after they got their teeth professionally whitened and boy were they sensitive to food and drinks. During whitening, tooth sensitivity is normal and should go away soon there after. I have found that when using trays, the tooth sensitivity gel is a savior! 

Remember those whitening home remedies that I used a handful of times earlier? Yeah, some of those home remedies like the charcoal and baking soda can be quite abrasive and it can damage your enamel. So thankful that I decided to chuck those items to the side. As for longevity, it depends on the amount of stain causing foods we eat or drink. Since I am a daily coffee drinker, I will have to keep up with the maintenance after three or six months as recommended. For me, this is just about the perfect timeline because I get to enjoy the results for a good while before I start the process over.

Overall I have learned that for good habits to form, I have to build up good routines. Keeping bright smile is one hope to continue for a long time! Tell me, will you give teeth whitening a go? What are some routines you have built to keep up you dental health, I would love to know. Leave a comment below…


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