Happy Tuesday, I hope you are having a lovely day! Let me tell you a tale about this mini bag. Growing up, my mom and the Nigerian culture help curate my fashion choices and style. Nigerian events, even funerals are big spectacles to say the least. From the beginning to the end, the amount of hours and planning that goes into picking out each and every item, most especially the aso-ebi which is the traditional uniform worn by each group of friends and family is quite outstanding. Growing up in my culture, learning and feeding off the presentations of everything, helped feed my creativity. mini bag

Thinking of her this past mother’s day, I remember watching in awe as she would coordinate what she was going to wear from start to end to a T. When I was in Nigeria last fall, I was perusing through her stuff and found this little gem. Immediately, I knew it was meant to be mine. Living in the U.S, one of the things I am most sad about is not being able to keep some of her stuff. I missed the precious moments of “stealing” some of her things to wear lol. Mother’s day makes me a bit nostalgic, however, when I get to spend time with her, I treasure the keepsakes I find. Not only material things but also the memories we make! Fun fact, this mini bag is olddddddddt! She had it before I left Nigeria 13 years ago. I guess what my mom said about  buying quality items are true, shhh, I will not tell her that she was right!

Since the mini bag made a comeback, I just want to dive into more of  my mom’s closet and take it all. If she would only just ship her stuff to me, haha! To be honest, you cannot fit much in there but we do it for FASHION!

wide leg jeansMy love of wide-leg denim continues with these right here! They are super high- waisted, almost under your boobies high, which I have no problem with. Maybe it’s because I have not found a favorite in Skinny jeans, however,high-waisted wide leg jeans are working out for me.With one of my favorites, you guessed it again, oversized mens button-up from Goodwill. I think I created the perfect Taco Tuesday outfit? What do you think? The jeans are stretchy and the top is oversized, this is one for the books!

cat-eye sunglasses

Thank you for reading and have a lovely rest of your week. Comment below on what your favorite keepsakes are from your mom!




Gianni Bini- DRESS HEELS


Forever 21 – RINGS

Forever 21 – EARRINGS

Forever 21 – WIDE-LEG DENIM






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