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Happy Monday, I hope your week starts out great! The title gives it way but I moved to Texas y’all. What a whirlwind the past few months have been but I am so glad that I am here. I am loving it so far, it is gross and sticky hot right now, eww! Though I am only three hours away from Oklahoma, I miss it. I miss the little things, like driving around town without using GPS all of the time, grabbing happy hour sushi with my friends, having my family only a call away… I miss the familiarity of all things close.

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I knew leaving Oklahoma was going to be hard, I just didn’t think it would be quite as hard as it felt when I left Nigeria. Looking back, Norman was my safety net, my home base. As I moved, I had “moving jitters” like what would I do if I needed a ride somewhere and my car broke own? Who would I call to bring me soup when I am sick? Who would bear with me and my love for all things food- cheesecake? A lot of my thoughts were revolved around food lol, those thoughts were barely masking my real fears. Where will I fit in? where will I find a community? Who will become my tribe?

You see, I have done this life-changing move thing. The last time I did this, I felt like a fish out of water. Some would say I was mute for the first three years of moving to the states. Granted I am only moving to Dallas, I didn’t know how I would react this time. Would I fall back into my shell or would I bloom? So far I have taken it in a stride. I have stumbled, yet I stood back up.

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Soooo I’d like to welcome myself to Dallas, it has been a long time coming but worth the wait! I am looking forward to exploring this huge state. I feel new opportunities on the horizon– went to a dive bar this past weekend and the bartender Pepe is in love with my friend lol, so it begins. However, I will always be an Oklahoma girl at heart because there is only 1 Oklahoma, and Texas still sucks!

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p.s, I can be a professional wedding guest/any event guest now because flights are cheaper here so book me lol xo

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